Providing a safe and healthful environment
for unwanted or abandoned hermit crabs
in the greater Los Angeles area.

Carribean Tree (or Hermit) Crabs often seem like a fun alternative common household pets like dogs, cats, birds and fish. They are small, exotic-looking, quiet, don't eat much and "will provide hours of fun for the whole family."

Then you get them home. That's when you realize that your "easy to care for" pet isn't as much fun as you thought. They hide in the corner of the plastic habitat the salesman sold you, or disappear into the coconut-shell hut. They're not as active or friendly as they were at the store, and you can't really pet them.

Stressed hermit crabs can drop limbs, abandon their shells, and in some instances, become ill and die. Without the proper habitat, these creatures - which can live up to twenty years in the wild - barely survive a year or two.

If you have a hermit crab (or several) that you cannot care for or no longer want, the San Fernando Valley Hermit Crab Rescue can help. We take in unwanted land hermit crabs, giving them a suitable environment where they will thrive in comfort and health.

To begin, click the Request Help button and tell us about your hermit crabs.

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